Partners Massage


Golden Ways for Logistics Ltd. since its inception in 2009, has joined the league of other leading logistics players in Jordan, we are connected to a global network of agents located in various continents. The cordial ties that we forge with reputed carriers and airlines, along with our volume commitment, have enabled us to sharpen the competitive edge of both our customers and partners globally.


The sincerity and integrity of my people, my biggest asset, is the key in translating my dreams into a reality. What has driven me, my partners and my GWL colleagues is that fact that we always want to excel in all our endeavors and to be a LEADER!”


Last but not the least, I extend my sincere gratitude to our customers and business partners for their trust and valuable relations. Your support combined with our capabilities make us confident to steam ahead. We look forward to partnering with you and acting as an extension of your business.”

Sky is the Limits 


GWL was established by two young and generative partners to serve existing clients base and during the past years expanded to be one of the leading freight forwarding companies in Jordan.

Since established on 2009 GWL experience a fast customer’s base by setting client needs first as understanding customers is our essential key for success, since then our services been expanding to cover logistic supply chain all under one roof, We pride ourselves on having a passionate, well trained team, utilizing our own logistics resourcing, our partnership and member ship with a trustworthy networks worldwide, Using technology to maximize our business productivity creates the platform to realize true business success all those elements resemble our foundation stone to achieve our goals of serving our customers

GWL departments, professional staff and available tools including customs clearance, overland transport on group own trailers and the solid financial position are the key to GWL success and unique services, GWL has the advantage of providing all services under one roof in addition to being members with International networks providing worldwide coverage & reliable agents & partners worldwide.


To be an organization that is committed to providing service at a level of excellence that exceeds every industry standard, at a price that is fair. We will accomplish this by creating an environment that encourages and rewards our employees on reaching our full potential, and puts emphasis on both competition and equality.”

Commitment to the Mission Statement has been a fundamental reason for the exponential growth of GWL over the last years. No organization can achieve the growth GWL has shown without providing exceptional service and competitive pricing to our customer base. Exceptional service comes from the people within the GWL organization, people that have been invested in by the GWL organization and that have grown as GWL has grown.

There are numerous examples of people having worked through the ranks at GWL due to ability, hard work and the company’s belief in its people

Our mission is to listen, communicate, and resolve, and we look forward to helping your business to grow.


Our objective is to create lasting value to our clients & agents by repeatedly and transparently delivering the client’s products safely and on time, and doing so in an atmosphere of integrity and honesty that still allows our company to prosper in the long term.

Our vision is to exceed your expectations as an extension of your business. We enjoy the challenge and look forward to helping your business to grow.

We don’t just take care of your logistics, we add value to your entire supply chain.

To us logistics means logic in motion. to logically move forward we invest in knowledge, in people and in building an effective network, using the latest technological innovations.